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Neymar Jr.Mixtape

NIKE “Neymar JR Mixtape”

Featuring NEYMAR JR  /  Produced by SAUVAGE.TV  /  Director of Photography BORJA LÓPEZ  /  Executive Producer EVA LAFFITTE  /  Producer ANDREA RODRÍGUEZ  /  Producer LLIBERT FIGUERAS  /  Prod Manager XELL MOYA  /  Production Coordinator ELOI TORRAS  /  1 AD MÓNICA CASTILLOS  /  2 AD INÉS LUGO  /  Post-Production by SAUVAGE.TV /
Edit: Lluís Murúa / 2d animation: Ricard Ubach & Angus Pepper. / 3d animation: Marc Urtasun, Joan García, Nico Zarza.

Listen to and download the mixtape below!