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'Beauty' is a personal project where I challenge conventional perceptions of beauty by finding inspiration in unexpected places, such as the cockroach, an object that typically elicits aversion. Through the vibrant use of color and a hand-crafted appearance, I aim to shift our perspective on disgust and rejection, demonstrating how art can transform the way we see the world. I invite viewers to explore the beauty in the unusual and emphasize the importance of color as a tool to change our perceptions.


Despite being digitally created, the artwork manages to capture the appearance of a hand-painted canvas, emphasizing the texture of the paint to provide a richer and more organic visual experience. Meticulous attention to details, brushstrokes and textures adds a tactile dimension to the piece, inviting the viewer to explore it up close.


First edition limited to 50 copies, signed and numbered. 59,4cm x 84,1cm.

Available in my shop

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